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What is Steve Jobs Net Worth in 2019?

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Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple. A brilliant, abrasive man, he had a net value of $7B in September 2011 and a staggering $10B at the time of his passing. These numbers are not exactly the same due to the method used and the assets that Jobs was credited with. No matter the source, a fortune of billions of dollars is quite a sum for any nerd.

Steve Jobs' family didn't have a lot of money.

Steve Jobs' family didn't have a lot of wealth, but they were financially secure enough to enjoy his success. In addition to his philanthropic work, he had two daughters and a son. His children were Alicia, Reed, and he was a prominent figure in Palo Alto. His mother struggled to balance her son's work and personal life. He was also known as "Apple genius".

Although he was a nerd, he wasn't a nerd.

Steve Jobs may not be the right person for you if you are looking for a tech-savvy guy. Despite his success as a businessman, he wasn’t exactly what you would describe as a geek. He was rather feisty and ascetic. Here are some interesting facts.

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He was a great innovator

Steve Jobs was an influential figure in today's world of products and new technologies. His products are now standard, changing the way people use information and communicate. The Apple Store was his invention and quickly became America's second-largest music store. His iPhone changed the way consumers consume and communicate content. In spite of his battle with pancreatic Cancer in 2004, he was able focus more on Apple products development and the launch of new technologies.

He amassed a fortune in excess of $10 billion

While it's hard to imagine how a single man can amass a fortune of $10 billion, there are several ways that Jobs made his money. Apple was his first personal computer, and he helped create it. His stake in Apple was $2.1 billion, or about 5.5 million shares. It accounted for more than half of his total wealth. Jobs' fortune was also derived from Disney which bought his Pixar company in 2006. He became Disney's largest shareholder and earned $4.3 billion.

He was a philanthropist.

You may not think about charity when you think of Steve Jobs. He started Apple in his garage and built it into a $350 million company with shareholders. 35 years ago, a company with this much cash flow was not possible. Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, was committed to his employees. He gave them benefits, invested their money in Apple's products and donated to charities.

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He was an outsider

Steve Jobs was an electronics dealer at a mall before starting Apple. He was shy, introverted, and he eventually made friends with Wozniak & Bill Fernandez. They shared a passion for electronics and Steve Jobs was attracted by this hobby. Both of them worked together for many decades in various roles, including selling electronics and as a salesman. They eventually teamed up to create the Apple Macintosh computer.

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What is Steve Jobs Net Worth in 2019?